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  • 15 years old
  • Bay Area, California, USA


  • 22 years old
  • Bay Area, California, USA
  • Professional Model

My Story...

I didn’t want to cheat so I took my ‘now’ pic with no makeup on.

The teasing was relentless. It didn’t really help that I was weird, either. Girls were mean and boys were cruel, but I didn’t really care. To be honest, I think I’d be a lot more offended if someone called me ‘ugly’ or ‘fat’ now than I ever would have felt back then. I knew what I was and I wasn’t ashamed of it. Sure, these people saw it as ugly, unsightly and strange, but to me, I was just different. I didn’t really have self esteem issues because I knew I wasn’t their definition of ‘pretty’ or even remotely attractive. Looking back on it, I’m not sure why I wasn’t more miserable! But I’m glad I wasn’t. All I cared about was doing well in life and writing music and, let me tell you, not much has changed. I definitely developed a thicker skin due to the teasing, but I also developed a greater appreciation for friends and family. When all odds are stacked against you, the people who are there to help you roll with the punches are the most important things you have.

My mother used to always tell me “I’d never go back to your age, not even if you paid me.” and now I definitely see why. High school is hard. It was hard for everyone. But it doesn’t have to be hard. My advice to you is to find comfort in the ones who love you. Those who don’t accept you aren’t worth your time or your worry. In the words of Dr. Suess, “Be who you are and say what you feel. Because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

As for my personal (I guess you’d call it a “success”) story, when I was around 17/18, I got off a medication that I had taken since before puberty. Turns out, my natural frame is pretty small. I lost 65 lbs incredibly quickly (but kept my big boobs! yes!), grew out my hair, started coming into a toned-down version of my own style and bam! All of a sudden I became attractive. By this time I was out of high school and no one really got to see my progress, but I didn’t care. I felt beautiful on the outside and took my newfound confidence everywhere. From that, I started doing modeling part time and it eventually became a full time gig. I turn heads and get hit on everywhere I go and I STILL think people are just trying to make fun of me!

Trust me, when you get out of your awkward phase, you will not be used to people hitting on you for a looonnngg time. Just take it in stride, you’ll get used to it.

I went from being 5’1, 155 lbs with a D cup that looked like an A cup stacked up against my bloated stomach, a bowl haircut, severe acne, and fuzzy eyebrows to 5’2 100 lbs with a D cup that actually looks like a D cup, long flowing hair and a face that probably never needs makeup again.

And who knows, I’m sure to someone somewhere I might look ugly, but I feel fantastic and all I can say to them is, “People pay me because I’m beautiful to look at but people stay with me because they know even after the beauty fades, my heart will stay beautiful.”

And to all who inquire (because I know someone will), no. I never have had any work done on anything, at all.

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  1. John says: September 24, 2014 • 00:15:23

    talk about a come back story! now you’re a model? that’s crazy awesome! Good for you


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