The Doctors Share Their Awkward Pics

Dr. Travis Stork


Dr. Andrew Ordon

Dr. Jim Sears


As most of you know, I was on The Doctors recently. Here’s the link to my segment:

Here are the four doctors posing with their most awkward pictures. I think they’re all adorable, but they didn’t feel that way at the time. It’s always fun to see celebs showing off a time when they were just like us at that age: kids who haven’t quite found themselves just yet. It shows that no matter who we are, we have all gone through times in our lives where we’ve struggled and haven’t quite fit in. But it’s up to us to focus on making ourselves be the best people we can be, focus on our dreams, not let bullying get to us, and in turn, to be kind to one another.

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  1. Mark Benson says: October 23, 2013 • 15:28:29

    This is so exciting! Crossing my fingers that Ellen DeGeneres is next!


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