What is the point of this project?

I want people to be proud of who they’ve become. I want youth, especially those who are currently going through a rough time, to know that they are great people in the making. I want to show them that their lives are only just beginning, to see their potential, and to not let bullies get to them. It’s the differences that set us apart from everyone else and we should celebrate that. Great and many things are in store for all of us. I want this blog to show the “aftermath” of my subjects, and how they not only survived their awkward years, but how great of people they turned out to be! This is meant to be fun & lighthearted, but a real support system for those who need it.

Can I submit a photo?

Absolutely! Please go to the “Submit a Photo” tab to read over the rules.

Can I submit a photo even though I wasn’t bullied?

Of course! You don’t have to be bullied to be featured. I want everyone to participate. Perhaps you'd like to share some advice for kids that you learned when you were their age. If you did feel awkward or out of place, please say so. It can help others come forward or relate to what you went through.

I submitted a photo, why hasn’t it posted?

Two things, either the picture didn’t meet the requirements (See “Submit a Photo” to read the rules), or I haven’t had the time to get to the pictures yet. I have a full time job that keeps me busy, but weekends I will dedicate to post as many pictures as I can. Thank you all for your patience!

Most of these awkward pictures aren’t awkward at all!

Who am I to say that someone didn’t feel awkward or bullied when they were young? I don’t want to invalidate how they feel. Even if their pictures are cute, they may not have felt that way at the time, especially since many of my subjects were, in fact, bullied. I’m not going to turn anyone away, bullied or not, just because their young picture was more “cute” than awkward. Most everyone struggles with self-esteem growing up. If they are proud of who they became and felt like they came a long way, I want them to share that with us. :)

Do you give shout outs?

I’m sorry, I don’t. I want to keep this site as clean as possible and dedicate all if not most posts about my subjects and submissions. Thanks for understanding!