Guest Submission


  • 16 years old
  • Marengo, Iowa


  • 22 years old
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Cosplayer and Hotel Concierge at Manor Suites Hotel

My Story...

I was always that awkward teenager that loved history and languages. However, I never really knew how to express it well when I was in high school and middle school only to be told that I was ugly, that I was too nerdy and that I was too boy like. Well, a few years later I started school in Las Vegas (Where some family was) and met a few awesome people who introduced me to cosplay and accepted me for who I was. In a small town (Marengo) I always seemed too ‘boyish’ only to find out that this was completely normal. That I was completely normal for being a boy-ish lesbian. That I was going to be okay, so…with a little bit of practice and awesome years later, I had lost weight and I had started crossplaying as homestuck cosplays and the likes, and now I have a very successful page on facebook seen here: and a very popular tumblr page here as well as instagram. I also am multi-lingual speaking more than two languages fluently which is an amazing accomplishment that not very many people can do. All I can say is , keep looking up and you’ll find your way. And remember, as pokemon has taught me about magikarp: “IF you do not learn how to splash, you’ll never learn to swim”

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