• 13 years old
  • Kearns, Utah


  • 37 years old
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Photojournalist

My Story...

I was a quiet kid growing up who kept to myself for the most part.  My mother had me involved in piano lesson and scouts.  Although these were great programs that brought structure to my life, they were nothing I wanted to brag about in Jr. High.

The thought of being rejected or made fun of gave me a good amount of anxiety so I was shy.  School was a challenge.  I lacked focus and often daydreamed or doodled in my notebook.  Eighth grade was by far my most awkward year.  My nose was quickly outgrowing my face, I had a mouth full of metal and any sort of interaction with a cute gal seemed like the biggest deal in the world.

In this picture, I have a funny red tint to my hair.  A friend and I used some “hair bleaching” product over the summer.  His hair turned to this awesome blond color.  Mine however, didn’t omit the same results.  God bless these school photos to document our awkward moments…

Looking back, this period went by in a flash.  Now, my children are reaching this age.  I keep in mind how big and larger than life their interactions with people are.  We talk about their problems and I try to teach them that this is a such a small moment in life.  I tell them, “Have fun, enjoy and there are better years that await!”

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