Guest Submission


  • 8 years old
  • Ikes Fork, West Virginia


  • 33 Years Old
  • Elkins, West Virginia
  • Radio Morning Show Host (or DJ)

My Story...

My name is Stacie, from Ikes Fork West Virginia. This is a yearbook picture of me when I was about 8 years old. The biggest thing about me was my hair. I was picked on because of my size, I was actually very tiny in grade school. Yeah, hard to see with that mane, and large clown sweater. I was teased about being so short. I remember many times crying to my mom because I was picked on. I was always being mistaken for a younger kid. She always had some wise words about how someday I would love looking younger and someday all that wouldn’t matter. At the time, it didn’t make any sense to me. I really hated my smile too, which I did end up getting braces a couple years later. More awkwardness, which my mom said, that too shall pass. She was always able to reassure me that, yes, it’s a phase in life, there are awkward stages, there will be bigger and better things in life. And that no one is perfect. I really capitalized on my sense of humor, even started cracking jokes about my height. When I was a freshman in High School, I could still wear kids size clothes. Some of the older girls tried to intimidate me. I remember sitting alone at lunch, when they all sat down around me, surrounded me. I was TERRIFIED. But I sat there, I ate my lunch, I smiled, and when I was finished, I calmly, got up and went on. Eventually, they gave up. And…turns out, mom was right. I LOVE being carded at 33! I’m actually friends with the girls that picked on me in High School. Some of them don’t even remember. And with my sense of humor, I turned it into a career.. in radio.

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