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My story of my awkward years: Today, if you asked me if I was the subject of bullying in the 10th grade I would say no. God made me sturdy in confidence and oblivious to my peers social cues. 15 years of not knowing how to eat well made me stand at 5’5″ and weigh over 200 lbs. In school I was occasionally the brunt of fat jokes but I mostly kept to myself in order to hide the uncomfort of my high school body. Stepping out of that body took getting through years of apathy and finally getting some food education. Now I am 24 years old and I still feel awkward. Not because of how I look but because I find that the gift of being able to ignore my peer’s ridicule means a lifetime of not understanding social situations. I am posting this photo so that my students will understand that awkward is a feeling that doesn’t go away. Let’s take back the word awkward and learn to embrace who we are so others might learn to embrace that awkwardness in us too. #awkwardyearsphoto

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