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  • 10 years old
  • Disney World, Orlando, Florida


  • 15 years old
  • Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico
  • Student at SPBS

My Story...

I was teased in Elementary school for being a nerd, fat, ugly and because I always hung out with the boys rather than the girls. I still remember the time when I was in 3rd grade that they pushed me to the ground and kicked me because I wasn’t “cool”. It ceased a bit during the 6th grade but it came back as soon 7th grade started. I was cyber bullied by girls and verbally by the boys because I was going through a phase, trusted the wrong people, my grades went down. My grades went up in 8th but the bullying continued until now in highschool. It’s hard. I self-harm and I have been 2 months clean thanks to my best guy friend. I never had someone sticking with me through it all or being with me and comforting me. Going into high school changed me a lot. I’m not a girly girl but I started to change my physical appearance, I fixed my hair, I put on makeup and jewelry. Little by little I came out of my shell. I’m still very self conscious about my appearance but now I see how far I’ve come. Jared Leto is my inspiration because he always moves forward. I admit it, I’m an over achiever and I want to be a Forensic Doctor and move to Italy. People say that I can’t do it because it’s too much, I’m going to be ‘The Girl who Can’

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  1. lakitahardy says: October 22, 2015 • 14:57:34

    your pretty


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