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  • Selma, Alabama


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  • Montgomery, Alabama
  • Day Bar / Serving staff at a Country Club

My Story...

Then 6th grade, now 52. Everyone goes through that awkward stage. We are all caterpillars that that turn into butterflies. Kids don’t realize that & only look at today….NOW. All kids from the beginning of time. Some are insecure & need to take the negative attention off themselves. Some just need to seem more cool than they really are…to fit in any way they can. But each of us have special talents….no matter how big or small. Each of us are here for a reason & shine in our own way as we become adults.

My Dad was a Preacher. I was always held to a higher standard in some peoples eyes. We traveled because my parents loved to travel. Some kids did not understand & tried to make me feel like I thought I was better than them in some way. I never thought that…but they found ways to say hurtful things and make it seem like I did. I was teased by my now closest friends because of this older picture and daily life in that awkward stage. My sweet Mother had her own ideas how someone my age needed to dress and how often we should wash our hair & stuff like that. Some teasing was hurtful BUT, some kids I thought really disliked me…..are now some of my closest adult friends because of Facebook, time, and growing up in general.

I have a talent for singing and performing. I worked as a Marketing Director for many years for a restaurant. I work now at a Country Club….but, enjoy what I do… special talents. Performing was and still is my escape.

Each of us, no matter how small we are made to feel, or how small or invisible our talents may seem at the time…..they do surface & can turn into providing us with a wonderful life. Figuring out how to make our own light shine takes some of us longer than others often. But, that light IS in each of us.

Talk to those you love….often….lean on them to get through the rough stuff. They will understand more often than you think. Teachers, counselors….just don’t let the others get you so low you give up!!!! Be confident and strong….we ALL have our low points….But IT DOES GET BETTER… have to stick around to find out……BUT, IT DOES GET BETTER. Don’t let them win in making you so low you give up. Each of us turn from a caterpillar into a butterfly all in due time.

Come back to this page often. Read all of our stories. Talk to some of us if need be when you need encouragement. But, never, never, give up. Your life is precious and it does take hard work to be an adult. It is even harder to be young and let the years pass to be an adult and make your life your own. We all understand. You really are not the only one….even though it seems that way while you are facing it.

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