• 13 years old
  • Herndon, Virginia


  • 32 years old
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Professional Freelance Writer, PR Specialist/Owner of Pink Rain PR

My Story...

I am PR Specialist/Owner of Pink Rain PR. I am a former arts and entertainment writer. I have interviewed various celebrities from actors to musicians, continue to report on the red carpet at the Sundance Film Festival and have been involved in many different forms of media. I have had the opportunity to model on behalf of curvy women everywhere and have tried everything from skydiving to MMA. I am also a freelance writer for the Salt Lake Tribune.

Throughout the course of my life, leading up to this photo, I had worn leg braces, had my fourth grade teacher lead the school line down the hall walking pigeon toed to make fun of me, had worn an eye patch in elementary school and braces and a headgear. As you can see in the picture, I was also chubby. My sense of fashion was pretty much nonexistent and it was hard for me to feel secure around my peers. Largely because I was relentlessly teased for all of my imperfections by not only my peers but by my teacher too. At the time this photo was taken, I was 13-years old. Shortly after this photo was taken, my school discovered during a routine screening that I had scoliosis. It was so severe that I had to wear a back brace all four years of high school. Luckily for me, the scoliosis was caught before I hit my growth spurt. In the years to follow this picture, I grew 7 inches taller, I lost weight, I got a job to pay for my own contacts, and overhearing the comments made about my clothing by my schoolmates inspired me to change the way I dressed. I had great friends in high school, but my awkwardness of my younger years was never forgotten by my more popular peers. Looking at this picture brings up many emotions. A lot of sadness over the way I was treated and what I went through. But also pride, because I bore it all and the outcome isn’t so bad.

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