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  • 14 years old
  • Cardiff, Wales


  • 21 years old
  • Cardiff, Wales
  • Personal trainer, youtuber, actor and amateur model

My Story...

When i  was 14 years old i was picked on because i was going through a chubby stage, it wasn’t a good time in my life, however when i was 15 i decided to build my way up to becoming a bodybuilder, i now compete on stage in bodybuilding competitions and am successful with it, the people who ignored me during high school now ask me for advice but i know who my real friends are, the ones who don’t care how i look and they mean a lot to me. being ignored for being chubby was hard, but it gave me the determination to show people i can decide how my life turns out and that being the best depends on me only.


  1. Paul Rollston says: February 1, 2015 • 16:43:44

    Hi Anthony.. It’s the person within that matters. You have an outgoing generous spirit and a good heart. I had problems at school with bullies for different reasons, so i know what it’s like. I had friends of all types, tall – short – thin – all sorts, but i never discriminated. The same goes for sex and age groups too. Any sex and at any age one can either be a nice considerate person, or a complete “B”!!
    Iv’e been concerned at your troubles you have had lately, you really didn’t deserve any of that. My heart went out to you.. Only came across you about a month and a half ago, quite by accident. But in truth i don’t really believe in accidents and coincidences, thins always happen for a reason really.
    You don’t look very happy at the moment, not surprising really. So i wanted to send you a gift to help cheer you up, — a sort of belated everything if you like.. But didn’t know where i could send it? A thank you for all those nice vids you do. Love the Chatting with my Biatch and the older Halloween one where the camera drops. Take care of your self, love to help.. Paul.


  2. bella says: October 14, 2015 • 18:40:23

    omg dude u have transformed like oh my gosh you are so buff


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