Important Note

I just wanted to make things clear. I find that everyone is beautiful, then and now. This isn’t a “Look how I got cute” blog, nor am I saying that people’s awkward years are ugly. Not at all! Braces, glasses, or unfashionable clothing do not make anyone less attractive. This blog is more than about appearances. This blog is about self-discovery and surviving our awkward years. Most, if not everyone I have blogged about so far, are not only are proud of who they are now, but they are even proud of who they were back then. It just took awhile for most of us to realize it. Read our stories and learn how we got through some painful times of our lives. I want those struggling to know that there is nothing wrong with who they are now. I just want them to know their worth as soon as possible. Stay in school. Figure out what you want to be when you grow up and work towards that. Don’t worry about popularity contests because they do not matter in the real world. And don’t let your bullies stand in the way of who you are now and who you are becoming. You are not alone! All of us have a special place in this world, I’m just trying to show that things can and WILL get better. Hang in there. We all get through it!

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